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General Terms and Conditions of Use
Applicable to: cf-united and any extension of your membership or project.
§1 General
(1) We, Imperia International (hereinafter referred to as "we" or the "platform operator"), operate the community portal "cf-united", through which natural and legal persons and unincorporated partnerships can plan projects, have them funded by third parties, provide mutual support, and present them to the public.
(2) The use of our platform is subject exclusively to these terms and conditions, unless otherwise contractually agreed. Any conditions of users that deviate from these are expressly prohibited.
(3) If you are an entrepreneur, legal entity organized under public law, or a special public fund, these terms and conditions apply to all future transactions on our platform, even if not expressly agreed in each instance.
(4) The legal relationships between users and starters are based on separate agreements made between the two parties.
§2 Our services
(1) We provide the technical conditions for the use of our platform in accordance with these terms and conditions and the scope described herein.
(2) We provide participants with an account and do public relations work for the platform in general as well individual projects at our discretion. The nature and scope of the public relations work for our platform and/or the projects are at our sole discretion.
(3) You are responsible for your own online access to communicate data with our platform, for example through a web browser or a corresponding app.
(4) The details concerning the registration process and how to make use of other services are described at the relevant places on our platform's pages. We are entitled at any time to make updates and/or expand the services we offer on our platform, provided such are reasonable for participants.
(5) We are entitled to have our services provided by third parties.
§3 Registering as a participant, platform usage agreement
(1) You must register to use the limited-access area of our platform for project presentations, whiteboards, self-presentations, uploading pictures and/or video, etc. as well as to select projects, obtain further information, or set up a project. To register, please provide the data requested in the registration form found in the public section of our site. By completing the registration process, you are making a binding offer to enter into a contract for the use of our platform's services.
(2) Users must be competent to enter into legally binding transactions and must be at least 18 years of age.
(3) If you have already signed up for membership, you may not sign up for a second membership.
(4) Even if you meet all of the requirements listed on the site for membership, we reserve the right to refuse your registration without having to give reasons.
§4 Selection of payment methods and implementing projects on our platform
(1) As a partner, the payment methods described in more detail on our website for each project are available for your project.
(2) With regard to the payment methods provided, such as online payment processors, credit cards, or direct debit, he respective terms and conditions and fees of the providers apply.
§5 Your additional responsibilities as a user
(1) To ensure that your use of the platform functions properly, you agreed to adhere to the following rules, which, if not followed, can result in negative consequences, including termination of your membership and claims for damages.
(2) You are obliged:
1. to provide complete and truthful information when registering or otherwise answering queries related to achieving the purpose of the contract (such as setting up a project);
2. to refrain from registering for a second membership;
3. to correct any information you have previously provided that may have since changed in the account management function provided;
4. to ensure that your user name and the corresponding password are not provided to any third party;
5. to prevent any third-party use of our services under your account;
6. to refrain from using any automatic completion functions for your password;
7. to notify us immediately at (EMAIL) whenever there has been a misuse of your password or account exists or there are indications of an imminent occurrence of the same.
(3) As a user, you must not act in any way that is illegal, immoral, or in any other way contrary to existing laws and the rights of others. This includes the following responsibilities:
1. You will ensure that the data you upload to the network does not breach the statutory provisions concerning the protection of minors, the general right to privacy, and the right to one's own image as well as any trademarks, logos and copyrights belonging to third parties Before posting any text or uploading any files (text, photo, image, graphic, video, music, sample), you must therefore check whether you have the necessary rights to do so. In addition, with photographs and videos, you need to check whether any persons depicted have given their required consent.
2. You will refrain from uploading or providing data with immoral, discriminatory, racist, right-wing extremist, or content that denigrates religious feelings.
3. You will comply with the legal data protection and data security requirements.
(4) If the content you post is in breach of any of your obligations under paragraphs 2 and/or 3 above, we are entitled to delete and/or block said content temporarily and with immediate effect and/or ban you temporarily or permanently from the platform and/or to terminate your membership without further notice. The same is true if we are informed by a third party of a violation of one of your obligations pursuant to paragraph 3 above, provided that said allegation is not manifestly incorrect.
(5) The content on the platform is protected by copyright. You are therefore not permitted to copy, process and/or distribute this content in any way that goes beyond the usage permitted by us or the respective holders of the rights to the same.
(6) If you are in breach of these obligations, you must compensate us for any resulting damage and/or indemnify us against any potential third-party claims, unless you were not responsible for the breach of duty.
(7) Everyone who wants to use cf-united, is obliged to start his own project. Without active project, there is no right to receive any donations. Until the project is not publisht, the wallet remains locked!
§6 Copyright and other intellectual property rights pertaining to user-generated content on our platform
(1) If you add content for which you hold copyright or other intellectual property rights to our site, we are entitled to make such use of the same that corresponds to the purpose of the individual services offered by the portal for as long as the service continues to be offered.
(2) Part of the purpose of our platform is to provide an ever growing collection of information and accordingly your contributions to pin boards, public pages, and closed-access pages cannot be deleted even after the termination of your membership; this does not apply to content on project pages. By providing such information or content, you hereby irrevocably grant all necessary licenses to use the same for an indefinite period that shall extend beyond your registration on our site.
(3) The data contained on the cf-united website is subject to copyright. You are therefore not permitted to copy, process and/or distribute this content in any way that goes beyond the usage permitted by the respective holders of the rights to the same. This applies in particular to Freedom Enterprise's rights as a database aggregator. The repeated and systematic reproduction, distribution, or publication of the contents of our website does not constitute a normal use of our database and negatively affects the legitimate interests of cf-united.
§7 Confidentiality and privacy
Your data is stored and processed by us for the purposes resulting from your registration for our site in compliance with the relevant statutory provisions concerning data protection (also see our privacy policy).
§8 Liability
(1) We will pay damages or compensation for wasted expenditure for whatever legal grounds (such as legal and similar indebtedness, breach of duty, or tortious claims), only to the extent:
1. Liability for cases of intentional harm or for guarantees made is unlimited.
2. If we are in default providing our services, we shall also be liable for accident only if the damage would have occurred had the service been provided punctually.
3. In all matters, liability for damage caused by our slight negligence is hereby excluded.
(2) We reserve the right to claim contributory negligence on your part. You have the obligation to protect data according to the current state of the art.
(3) If our liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of our employees, representatives, and agents.
(4) The preceding paragraphs in §8 (Liability) shall not apply in the case of injury to life, limb, or health and/or claims arising from the Product Liability Act.
§9 Deleting your account
You may delete your account at any time without notice and for any reason. This does not apply if you are partner and your project is currently in the financing stage or for any times where your presence is required for your project to be completed in full.
§10 Duration and termination of this agreement
(1) The agreement for the use of our platform is indefinite. The agreement may be terminated by either party at the end of any calendar month with one month's prior notice. If, in individual cases a longer notice has been agreed, such as may be the case when booking additional services, said notice period shall apply thereto.
(2) If a project is in the financing stage, the partner's one month's notice period for ordinary termination shall be extended for the duration of the financing period plus any time such as may be necessary for the completion of the project, the latter not being under our control.
(3) The right to extraordinary termination for cause remains unaffected.
(4) Notice of termination must be made in writing or by email.
§11 Prohibited content
(1) You agree not to use the website to distribute illegal content. You warrant that you will not publish any content that violates applicable statutes r infringes the rights of third parties. This applies to, but is not limited to, content such as:
posts with pornographic or content harmful to minors;
posts with inflammatory content or content related to organizations that oppose the rule of law;
content that violates copyrights, ancillary copyrights or other intellectual property rights (trademarks, designs and models) when used or published;
photos that violate third party rights to their own image, name, or privacy;
slander, libel, and spam;
advertising for illegal content such as software cracks, serial numbers, download sources, or instructions for the use of illegal software;
executable programs that contain viruses or trojans.
(2) You are also prohibited, from sending messages to users for a purpose other than communication, in particular, to advertise or offer goods or services without the express authorization of the provider
to specify third-party data such as images, email addresses, bank account information, or credit card information as your own whilst registering and/or participating on this site;
to harass, threaten, or violate the rights of other people, including their right to privacy;
intercepting or trying to intercept messages addressed to other users;
disclosing logins and personal passwords to third parties or using those belonging to third parties
taking such actions designed to collect, store and/or disclose the personal data of other users without their express consent.
§12 Blocking of posts, users
(1) If there is clear evidence that you are using our website in a way that is contrary to §5 herein or otherwise to distribute illegal content, in particular, content that violates the rights of third parties, or if there is clear evidence that your contributions violate the rights of third parties , we are entitled to block access to these contributes through appropriate measures.
(2) We reserve the right to ban you or any other user permanently for breach of these terms. The legitimate interests of the users will be taken into account when making this decision, in particular, whether the user is at fault for the infringement.
(3) If you have been banned from using the website, you are also forbidden from re-registering under any name. Our express consent is required for you to register again after your account has been blocked or deleted.
§13 Changes to these terms
(1) We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
(2) In this case, we will notify you of the proposed change, its cause, and the detailed scope of said change in writing (such as email). If you do not object to the change(s) in writing, the changes will be deemed accepted. We will notify you of this right in our notice of the change. The objection must be received within six weeks after receiving notice of the change. If your exercise your right of objection, the proposed change is considered rejected. Your contract with us will then continue without the proposed changes, but may be terminated at any time without notice by either party.
§14 Final provisions
(1) The law of the State of Dominica applies. Mandatory provisions of the country in which you have your habitual residence remain unaffected.
The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of the contract is Dominica if you are an entrepreneur, a legal entity under public law, or a public special fund. We are free to file litigation in other jurisdictions.
(3) If any provisions of this contract are or become invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

Last updated: 2016


Imperia International


Commonwealth of Dominica

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